About Pharmaglyph Corporation


To prevent common drug errors and adverse drug reactions by promoting a universal standard of symbols, or pharmaglyphs, which are clearly understood by medical professionals and the general public.

Company History

Pharmaglyph Corporation is located in Richmond, BC and was first established in 1987 as Ezon International Inc. with the mandate to develop, test and protect a "Labelling and Symbol System for Pharmaceuticals". The goal was to create a non-verbal drug literacy concept which included a collection of pictograms illustrating core medicinal information. The objective: to reduce common errors such as medication mix-ups and name confusion. In 1999, Ezon HealthTech Corporation succeeded Ezon International and revised and improved the original non-verbal literacy concept. Additionally, more emphasis was placed on bridging the communications gap between health care providers and consumers for the benefit of the global public.

In 2005, Pharmaglyph Corporation acquired the copyrighted system of symbols called, "Pharmaglyph", as derived from the words, "pharmacy" and "hieroglyphics". While the concept of using symbols is not new, the idea combines a set of instantly recognizable symbols and medical instructions to give patients and medical professionals an edge in preventing Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR). Symbols and ideograms have been used by the ancient Egyptians and are currently used in script-based languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Arabic. Today, symbols are commonly found on road signs, in airports and in buildings.

Pharmaglyph intends to fulfill its objectives by ensuring pharmaglyphs become the new standard for the pharmaceutical and medical industries and more importantly, the public. This will assist in preventing adverse drug reactions and needless death.